Wednesday, January 21, 2009

10 Months... Tanner's First Christmas!... and now 11 months!

We were so blessed to be able to visit family in Michigan and Canada over the holidays. Tanner finally got to meet my aunts, uncles and cousins! Tanner had a wonderful First Christmas! He saw a few different Santas over the holiday season - he just stared at most of them and cried with one of them. He loved opening his presents and tearing the wrapping paper.

Tanner is now 11 months old and we can't believe it! He has 8 teeth and is still chewing on anything he can find whether it fits in his mouth or not. He is doing his army crawl pretty well and is pulling up on things. He loves standing but is not steady enough yet to stand on his own. He is still a very content and happy baby and he loves waving at everyone and saying "Ba-Ba" (Bye-Bye).