Sunday, February 28, 2010

Funny videos... Tanner Shoveling

Tanner is 2!

We can't believe our little guy is 2 years old already. We celebrated with a birthday party at his grandparents house in Michigan and we enjoyed a fun day out on his actual birthday too. His Grandma and Grandpa Bell even came for a week to visit too.
This birthday brought along a few changes for Tanner too. We changed his crib into a toddler day bed where he can get in and out on his own. He is still figuring out that he could be playing instead of sleeping. We also took his beloved pacifier away. It took a little encouragement, but one night he slept through without it and he hasn't seen it since. Here are some pics of all the birthday fun we had.

Tanner attacking his cupcake at Chuck E. Cheese

Tanner and Daddy playing games.

Tanner enjoyed his favorite meal on his birthday. We went to McDonald's and he enjoyed a cheeseburger happy meal. He also got to sit with Ronald McDonald and see a choo choo train go around the restaurant.

We also went to a 3-level playplace here in Cedar Rapids. It was our first time and Tanner had a blast.

Tanner's birthday weekend in Michigan. Him and Tate playing in the playplace at DQ.

Auntie Holly gave Tanner a handmade T-shirt with the letter "T" on the front and the number "2" on the back. It is adorable.

Tanner's Cars cake. He loves having his cousin Tate close by... unless it means that he has to share his toys.

Cars Birthday Party!